Products | Eltex PF 6212AA

Producer : Ineos
Chemical Description : mLLDPE C6 Metallocene Lineer Low Density Polyethylene
Application : Plastic | |
Description : Metallocene Eltex® PF materials are at the forefront of metallocene LLDPE production for film applications. They offer leading extrusion performance combined with enhanced end product properties. Extruder output can be increased or energy consumption decreased by as much as 20%. This performance, together with exceptionally high impact resistance (>1000 g/25µm dart drop) and improved sealing and optical properties, allows INEOS Olefins & Polymers Europe to offer a very distinctive set of behaviours for Eltex® PF products. Eltex® PF materials are made using a very clean manufacturing process (proprietary Innovene gas phase process) and this, together with the potential to significantly downgauge films and reduce packaging weight, ensures that the whole value chain is greener.
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