Products | LL6910KJ

Producer : Ineos
Chemical Description : C6 Lineer Low Density Polyethylene
Application : Plastic |
Description : LL6910KJ is particularly suitable for use in lean and rich blend blown film applications, such as overwrap, counter bags, shrink film (lean blends, 10 to 30% LLDPE) and stand-up pouch applications. Benefits and Features LL6910KJ is a linear low density polyethylene copolymer containing hexene-1 as the co-monomer. It offers the following properties: - Very high stiffness and downgauging potential - Good optical properties - High temperature resistance - High water vapour barrier properties - High creep resistance - Excellent sealability and hot-tack strength LL6910KJ gives high slip film with easy opening properties when used pure in the thickness range 30 - 70 μm. Addition of other polymers, masterbatches and pigments, or use of other thicknesses may alter film slip and antiblock performance.
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