Products | BPD 8063

Producer : Ineos
Chemical Description : Low Density Polyethylene
Application : Plastic | Cable
Description : BPD8063 is a low density polyethylene compound having low dielectric loss properties meeting the needs of many coaxial and control cable applications. It contains a non staining antioxidant. Specification BPD8063 meets the following material specification: ? ISO 1872/1-PE, KN, 23-D022 ? ASTM D 1248: Type I, Class A, Category 3, Grade E4 Regulations and approvals Cables insulated with BPD8063 meet many national and international specifications for radio frequency (R.F.) cables. Information concerning suitability to a given specification is available from INEOS Polyolefins. Packaging BPD8063 is sold in pellet form and is available in the following packages: 25 kg bags, 1.1 ton holbins or bulk tankers. Processing Data The good processing characteristics of BPD8063 allow a wide latitude of both equipment and process conditions. Normally the extruder barrel temperatures should be set to give a resulting melt temperature in the range of 200-250 °C depending on the type of application.
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