Products | BP 28 D 780

Producer : Ineos
Chemical Description : Low Density Polyethylene
Application : Plastic | Cable
Description : BP28D780 is a low density polyethylene compound suitable for the thin walled insulation of telephone wires. BP28D780 combines good processability at very high extrusion speeds with excellent mechanical properties, a high resistance to copper catalysed thermal oxidation and excellent resistance to petroleum jelly absorption. The combination of these properties in BP28D780 makes it suitable for use as telephone singles insulation in air spaced and filled cables and in environments subject to high temperatures. BP28D780 contains a metal deactivator. Specification BP28D780 meets the following material specification: ? ISO 1872-PE, K HKN, 27-D003 ? ASTM D 1248: Type II, Class A, Cat 5, Grade E4, D5 ? BS 6234, Type 03 ? VDE 0207, Part 2, Type 2Y12 ? VDE 0819, Part 103, L/MD Solid ? Cenelec HD 624.3 S1, L/MD Solid Regulations and approvals Telephone cables insulated with BP28D780 according to standard technology comply with the following industry cable specifications: ? IEC 708 ? BT M 237B ? CNET CM 24 ? BS 3573 Packaging BP28D780 is sold in pellet form and is available in the following packages: 25 kg bags, 1.1 ton holbins or bulk tankers. Processing Data BP28D780 can be easily processed on all commercial single screw extruders which are designed for extrusion of high molecular weight, low density polyethylene. Screws with a L/D ratio >20:1 and a compression ratio >3 are best suited. Normally the extruder barrel temperatures should be set to give a resulting melt temperature in the range 210-280°C depending on various parameters, such as the thickness of the insulation layer, geometry of the die, cross section of the conductor and drawing-off speed.
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