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Producer : CERBEAD
Chemical Description : Zirconium Grinding Beads ( Ce-TZP , Y-TZP ve ZS )
Application : Paint-Coating | Ink
Description :

Grinding media made from Zirconium- and Cerium oxide have a high density and fracture toughness, as well as being very hard. The high density of CER-BEAD Ce-TZP gives a higher efficiency (reduced production time, increased colour strenght and transparency). Reduced wear of mill parts and beads.

Grinding media made from Zirconium and Yttria oxide. Similar in the density to CER-BEAD Ce-TZP. Very high crushing strenght, especially designed for pin mills.The high wear resistance of CER-BEAD Y-TZP ensures a very long life span and contamination free grinding can be realized.

Grinding media in combination with Zirconia and Aluminiumoxide shows outstanding mechanical and tribological properties in milling and dispersing processes. Compared to milling media with similar density like Zirconia Silicate beads, CER-BEAD ZTA provides economic advantages.

CER-BEAD ZX is the persistently further developed grinding media for best use in mills with medium performance as well as for grinding and dipersing low and medium product viscosity. Compared with zirconium  sili- cate beads of equal density CER-BEAD ZX has convincing economic advantages.

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