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Producer : Chimei
Chemical Description : SAN - Acrylonitrile- styrene copolimer
Application : Plastic | Cosmetics | | White Goods
Description :

Due to the poor chemical-resistue of GPPS, we added Acrylonitrile in Styrene to copolymerize the SAN resin, and is also called AS resin. SAN resin not only retains the transparency but also improves the chemical resistance and surface hardness. The natural appearance of SAN pellet is glossy and yellowish.
KIBISAN® is our trade name of AS resin which is a copolymer of Acrylonitrile and Styrene. It was manufactured by our continuous process. Meanwhile, SAN resin has the ggod transparency, high gloss, excellent chemical-resistance property, the high rigidity, the dimension stability and the outstanding high-heat character.
KIBISAN® resin is the best choice for cosmetics case, lighter, food container, battery shell and cleaner vessel. In fact, KIBISAN® is widely used in hundreds of consuming products all over the world. The products include all kinds of level, such as: high-heat class and transparency class commodities. In addition, KIBISAN® AS resin also has passed the UL and C-UL approval.
Currently, the major AS products are: PN-107,PN-117, PN-117C, PN-127, and PN-127H, etc., five kinds products of SAN.

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